Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Muzej Kvarta- Neighbourhood Museum ( Part 1)

Back on the street again :
I've started a new project in collaboration with Muzej Kvarta. This time I'm painting a story inspired by the location that was given to me- Zapruđe neighbourhood. I like this part of New Zagreb, mostly because of all the pillars of the underpass, standing in line, waiting to be painted...and of course, because of the Hrelic...

Hrelic is the largest Sunday flea market situated on the outskirts of the city ( 5 minutes from Zapruđe), and it's jam packed with goodies from cars, motorcycles, second hand clothes, axes, books, mowers, faucets,VHS porn, to thousands of other funny accessories. My friend Iva is one of those people who's Sunday routine is to wake up early in the morning and go to the Hrelic. Some time ago, I asked her to come to my studio and bring some of the stuff she bought there. In my studio we made a few photos for the painting that will be dedicated to this Sunday routine.