Thursday, 2 July 2020

"Polupani Lončići"

Mural painted at Lauba, Zagreb, 2020.

“Polupani Lončići” In Croatian, that would mean something like smashed or broken pots. This phrase would be used in our childhood game known as hide and seek. During the game, if you saw someone snitching, not counting correctly, calling out the wrong name, pretending to have not been seen and called out, simply cheating, or in other words, not playing by the rules, you or some of your playmates would have to yell "POLUPANI LONČIĆI"

The phrase would symbolize the end of the unfair or crooked game. It would also mean a reset, a new start for a fair and just game.

I also started filming and editing my own painting process, so here is my first ever "serious" video.
Subscribe to the channel for more future videos, from now on I'll try to do this for every project.

Friday, 29 May 2020


Finally, back to painting walls.
This is just half of the wall I started painting today at Lauba in Zagreb.
I've also started another wall with my buddy Chez at another location.

some other news:
A month ago I got an invitation to take over the Paint Guide Instagram profile in June. I'll be posting daily about various artists that inspired me. Take over will last for five days, as usual, posting several posts daily with lots of images and texts. this is a huge honor and a privilege I won't take for granted so I'm already starting with preparations. PAINTGUIDE

Thursday, 12 March 2020


After ten years of posting here, on Facebook and Instagram, I finally took some time to create my own website.

Having posted a lot of works on different platforms, it kind of seemed unnecessary to upload all of them on this new website. Also, the webshop will soon be opened there as well.
This blog will still be the place where I'll post all of the works with more details and texts.

Fell free to check it out: LONAC

Saturday, 22 February 2020

studio atmosphere

Working on some new stuff for the "Disposable Income"- an art collector event in central Florida. These few works are a continuation of street scenes painted/drawn with gouache and ink. With these series, I'm using a bit more colorful pallet and instead of crosshatching, I'm playing with line values and strokes. 

For some time now I wanted to write a bit about this blog, my work, progress, and different direction.
Last year was kind of rough. I had some crazy bad experiences with a few festivals which made me rethink all this "street art" thing. It also inspired me to reflect on all that I've done to this point and where my focus should be in the future.
This doesn't mean I will stop painting murals at the festivals or in general.
Not being placed in a certain box, and avoiding labels has always been the main reason I loved painting outside. If I wanted to do a more realistic or more illustrative piece or even try something different, no one was there to say "Hi, but that's not what we know you for so don't do that. Do what we like". Usually, that is what galleries do, but there are more and more organizations that have this kind of approach in the "urban art scene". I would like to point out that my experiences with galleries in the past two years were only positive. A lot of "street art" projects are being funded by the city and might have deals with tourist agencies, so sometimes, the mural artist just ends up being a hand for their propaganda. Not always, but in some occasions. It is a good thing that people have embraced this type of art and now it is easier than ever to paint a big wall not worrying about prejudice and being accused of destruction of property (even if you had permission to paint). Mural festivals can hardly work without sponsors and the more money a certain project has the higher quality it least that is how it should be, and I have nothing against that. A lot of people that are involved in this type of organization are my friends, and I'm aware of how hard it is to get something started and how much effort it takes to organize a big event.
I just think that the people who are invited to a certain project are not there to please the sponsors or make a tourist commercial for the city.  That then becomes a commercial/ commission job that costs much more than what the fee is for doing "your own thing".

My own thing:
Looking at some earlier works, I can see a lot of bad decisions, some compromises and not the best approaches, but I'm happy they were made. 
Lately, I'm spending my time in my studio working with oil, gouache, and aquarelle so that I can completely transit from spray to brushes. No, that doesn't mean I will stop painting with spray or totally change what I do.  I just want to expand my skill set so that I can work more freely without relying on just one medium (and the quantity of it), especially if I'm painting outside my home town.
I'm also interested in developing/ exploring different palettes, working on my brushstrokes and would also like to avoid total rendering. With spray, it is much easier to render and make smooth transitions, but if the whole piece is like that, it can look boring. It is also fun to try out new mediums and see where they take me. Repeating the same trick dumps me down and makes me not want to paint anymore.
I could continue writing this part but I'd rather leave the future works to speak on their own.
In some future post, I would like to write a bit about influences ( adopted art parents), inspirations and give a shout out to some contemporary artist whose works makes me continue to work and evolve.
It might seem unusual to see this type of text, but I just had to throw it out. Having it all written here will make me work more but also stand my ground if the situations similar to the ones from the last year occur. Let's hope they won't.

Peeling off layers of wrong influences and mistakes can hurt, but it makes more room for healthier growth.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Digital work / prints and stickers

I've been playing with procreate for some time now and decided to make a few digital illustrations based on some previous works. Soon, some of those digital works will be available as limited screen prints and stickers.

Soon more info about the webshop

For any questions, feel free to email me at

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

European Central Bank Art Collection

 Drawings from “Gerascophobia” series exhibited at European Central Bank will soon be a part of their art collection. It was a huge honor for me to be a part of a group exhibition of Croatian contemporary art in ECB, and this is something that I didn’t expect. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Neki Novi Zidovi

Remetinečki rotor imao je jednu od najvažnijih uloga u razvoju graffiti i street art kulture.
Prolaznici u tramvaju bi svako malo mogli vidjeti neko novo djelo u jednom od osam pothodnika koji su u cijelosti funkcionirali kao galerija na otvorenome. Ta galerija inspirirala me je da se i sam okušam u crtanju po zidovima. Živost grada i mladih bila je jasno vidljiva na tim zidovima koji bi svakih par mjeseci bili u potpunosti drugačiji.
Tog rotora i te galerije više nema.

Studenstki Centar imao je sličnu ulogu dugi niz godina gdje bi se kao i na Rotoru održavale brojne manifestacije i festivali ulične umjetnosti. Velik broj ljubitelja ove vrste kreativnog trošenja energije, kada bi stigli u Zagreb, raspitivali bi se za glavne lokacije urbane umjetnosti te bi uz par lokacija kao što su Branimirova i Medika uvijek bili upučeni prema Rotoru i SC-u.
Od ove godine SC također više nije "Meka" za crtanje po zidovima.

Kako bi se nastavilo slobodno izražavanje i razvijanje ove kulture, neovisno o sponzorima, udrugama, zajednicama, natječajima i festivalima, par entuzijasta je odlučilo potražiti zidove i buduće "platforme" na kojima bi se moglo neuvjetovano stvarati.

Tko god živi u Zagrebu (i okolici) i vjeruje da zna za dobru lokaciju, zgradu, zid, garaže za koje je moguće dobiti dopuštenje, neka se javi na mail

Thursday, 19 September 2019

“Com-Templ.-Arte” festival, Tomar, Portugal.

Last week I visited the city of Tomar in Portugal and painted a mural for “Com-Templ.-Arte” festival.
I'm not that happy with the work because I had the sun on the wall the whole day, and also not enough days to define some details ( hands, faces, cones). 
I do like the composition, repetition of the number 3 and the light, but maybe if the execution was a bit different it would work better. 
The whole work was kind of improvisation in a way..
I wanted to try out a few things and I certainly plan to revisit the idea , maybe try out only with brushes.

Last few months I closed myself in a studio in order to work more with oils and drawings. For some time now there is an idea to write a bit on all that I've done to this point, what I'm happy with and what I plan to change. Until I post a few words about all of that, I would just like to thank everyone who gave me the chance to travel, show my work, paint and grow.

Saturday, 29 June 2019


I am honored to be a part of the group exhibition of Croatian contemporary art staged at European Central Bank in Frankfurt.

text from the ECB web page: 
Our art collection comprises around 480 paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and art objects. It continues to grow, mainly through the acquisition of artworks from the “Contemporary art from the Member States of the European Union” annual exhibition series, which features a different country every year. The series aims to showcase the diverse range of each country’s artistic output and highlight some of the key ideas currently being discussed in the art world. From 27 June to 18 October 2019, the 22nd exhibition of the series puts the contemporary art scene of Croatia into the spotlight. The exhibition features both emerging and established artists, with their works drawing on the complex relations between society, politics and culture.

Presented artists: Igor Grubić, Tina Gverović, Kristian Kožul, Lonac, David Maljković, Ana Mušćet, Damir Očko, OKO, Lala Raščić, Goran Trbuljak, NoraTurato i Zlatan Vehabović.

press: min-kulture

Thursday, 13 June 2019

"Skitnica" / "Vagabond"

Mural at VukovArt festival

Wednesday, 8 May 2019


Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Thnx to MKC Skopje for the invitation.
this one took a bit longer than expected

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

"Lost Ticket"

Photo by Henrik Haven

Photo by Henrik Haven

Photo by Henrik Haven

Photo by Vincent Cornelli

Mural in Ostend, Belgium. Thank you The Crystal Ship for a great wall and great organisation. 

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

"Sunday Havoc"

"Sunday Havoc"
Collaboration with CHEZ 186 and Sarme, Zagreb

Monday, 1 April 2019

"Gerascophobia" 6/6

black ink and white pencil on toned paper ( drawings for gif animation)

Ink on paper
50x23 cm

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

"Gerascophobia" 5/6

50x70 cm, black and white ink on toned paper 

Sunday, 17 March 2019

"Gerascophobia" 4/6

12x17 cm, ink, pencil and gouache on toned paper

17x12 cm, ink, pencil and gouache on toned paper

"Gerascophobia" 3/6

portrait studies
black and white ink on toned paper

Saturday, 16 March 2019

"Gerascophobia" 2/6

"What's to come"
Black and white ink on toned paper

Friday, 15 March 2019

"Gerascophobia" 1/6

I had a great time working on this new series of drawings. I wanted to play with contrast and shapes with a bit diferent approach. All the drawings are done in gouache, white ink or pencil and pigma micron marker on toned paper. The size of this 8 drawings is 12 x 17 cm.
After I post all the works from the exhibition, I will write a bit more about the works.