Thursday 3 August 2023

"UNSTILL" ( Mural Fest Kosovo)


I knew about most of the Mural Fest artworks before coming to Ferizaj, so I wasn't that interested in painting another character/figure. Seeing the murals from previous years in person, particularly the ones in the center of the town, pushed me to go in a different direction esthetically and in terms of narrative.
I believe it's easy to be "seduced" by some darker themes, and visually it can be much more fun to paint something moody and dramatic ( I admittedly lean more to that side). Still, the wall in the center of the town needed to go against that ( and I needed to go a bit against myself) and create a contrast to the war-themed artworks that were painted in previous years.

My idea was to paint something that at first looked more like decorative art, but I also needed to put some storytelling or a metaphor behind the work:
The Balkans have traditionally been an area of turmoil and political instability, thus the nickname "Powder keg."
Religion, particularly the divide between Eastern Orthodoxy, Islam, and Catholicism, has played a significant role in that instability. This tendency of individuals to associate themselves strongly with a particular group or tribe based on shared religious or ideological beliefs makes them view opposing ideologies as a threat. That leads to hostility, the rejection of alternative viewpoints, and a lack of constructive dialogue. I kind of tackled this theme previously with the pothead characters.

By painting a still life in falling motion as a continuous pattern, with slight differences in details, I wanted to address both the beauty and instability and convey the idea of being more similar than different.
This idea is a good starting point for a more utopian place which was the theme of this year's edition."
Curated by @douggillen
Photographer Dren Osmani & @Sovran Nrecaj

I managed to film a lot during this project, so I may do a longer video/vlog this time with narration. As always, only some things go as planned or smoothly at this type of festivals.
I couldn't realize the piece as I had hoped because of a few problems with the wall, and the rain also didn't help. In this chaos, I started liking the unfinished look more and more and felt comfortable leaving it as it was.

In the future, I might do a few more still-life compositions just to try something different and see where it takes me.

Wednesday 19 July 2023

Zabok mural- update


This project started over a month ago, but I had to leave it unfinished due to bad weather and go to Kosovo for another mural project ( where I also had similar problems).
Now I'm two hours away from finishing the work, but this crazy, unstable weather keeps playing with my nerves :/.
For now, here's the process photo from a few days ago.

Saturday 15 July 2023

"Reminiscence shelves" (2022.)

I should have shared this particular project from the previous year much earlier...
It was an invaluable opportunity to explore a new artistic direction, leading me to craft this digital illustration using the  Procreate program. The final output was rendered onto transparent foil, eventually finding its place on the windows of Osijek's oldest bus station.
The implementation of the Urban Intervention Project, spearheaded by the PLANTaža association, is geared towards revitalizing forgotten and neglected spaces within Osijek's urban core. With a focus on reimagining spatial dynamics, the project seeks to intertwine architecture, urban art, and community engagement, fostering a vibrant interplay between the city's structures and its residents.
The process of conceptualizing and curating these artworks serves to underscore the significance of public spaces within the city, functioning as a catalyst for cultivating diverse social, cultural, and artistic expressions.

Photos by Tomislav Šilovinac

The inspiration for the illustration stems from the distinctive structure of the station, with its segmented windows evoking a striking resemblance to the shelves of a miniature cabinet that once adorned my childhood bedroom wall. Within that modest cabinet of curiosities, an array of vibrant and diverse miniature figurines found their home. Delving into the initial stages of this project, I embarked on a search for a photograph taken in my studio, recalling the time when I meticulously cleaned each of those diminutive treasures for what seemed like the last time.
Upon rediscovering this photograph, a realization dawned upon me: the vivid imagery that had long adorned the walls of my childhood sanctuary had subtly seeped into the fabric of my creative subconscious. Fish, bicycles, birds, an owl, shells, clocks, pots, and more — these whimsical objects that once towered above my younger self now resurfaced as the wellspring of inspiration for my earlier artistic endeavors, be it murals or drawings.


In many ways, this undertaking offered me a poignant opportunity to revisit and rekindle the essence of these cherished motifs, infusing them with a renewed sense of creativity and purpose.


( old photo of the cabinet at my childhood room)



Monday 29 May 2023

Zabok mural-day 1.


Finally, the new season of painting outdoors has arrived.
This is a cropped image of the first day's progress.
I'm trying a different approach this time by doing an underpainting and solving the light and shapes monochromatically first ( because I have more time than usual to finish).
The mural is organized by Pučko Otvoreno Učilište-Zabok, and the wall is on the building of the Regeneracija factory.
More details in the upcoming weeks ;)

Thursday 11 May 2023


I managed to find high-res photos of some older works for the new print editions.

For now, here are three available new prints for order via email:

For all the prices, check the website: LONAC


I didn't want to do a release date / online event for the now available prints since it's mostly "older" reproduced works. Once I start working on a new series of murals and studio works, there will be a release date for every future print and a limited time to purchase it for a special price.

Since I'm writing about printmaking, it's good to mention my old ( not used much, so basically new) printing press for woodcut and intaglio that's been quietly waiting for me to clean it up and fall in love with it again... 

Well, I also finally managed to find out some new techniques for transferring digital sketches on a board or a lino, so the plan for this winter is set. 💪

Tuesday 11 April 2023


 It's been a while 🙈

One month from now, a new season of painting projects starts. Once all dates are set, I'll write all the cities and festivals here and on my website.

I've been busy with some winter commission work and enjoyed doing digital work on my iPad in between those jobs. Also did some woodworking for my studio. My hope for this year is to go back to the rhythm I had back in 2019 but film all the travels and my painting process even more. 

Stay tuned ;)

Wednesday 5 October 2022

Tuesday 27 September 2022

10/12 YEARS celebration PRINTS

I posted about making art prints for my blog's 10th anniversary a few months ago.
The plan was to do it two years ago, but with all that was happening, I figured it would be better to do it this year. The prints are reproductions of some of my favorite earlier works, both from the streets and studio. 

It has been twelve years since I started posting my works on this blog, and even though nowadays, the blog is seen as old-school and not many people use it, I'm enjoying posting here more than on other platforms. 
But there's another 10th anniversary, and that one is this year (realized that a few days ago)
My first painting experience outside my own country was back in 2012, and since then, I have had the privilege to travel all around the globe, paint some huge walls, and meet so many great people. 

I will post more photos of the available prints in the upcoming months. Some will be limited editions, and others will be open editions.

 Few details on the paper: Premium Fine Art Smooth paper, a3 and a4 formats, cotton matte, 310gsm, 0.42 mm. For orders, more information, and questions: or write me on IG.

"Medika Diving"
Limited edition of 50 prints ( AP on the photo)
a3 format
Premium Fine Art Rough paper
310 gsm, 0.42 mm

ed edition of 50 prints ( AP on the photo)
A3 format, Premium Fine Art Smooth paper
310 gsm, 0.42 mm

Limited edition of 70 prints ( AP on the photo)
A4 format, Premium Fine Art Smooth paper
310 gsm, 0.42 mm

Limited edition of 50 prints ( AP on the photo)
A3 format, Premium Fine Art Smooth paper
310 gsm, 0.42 mm

Limited edition of 70 prints ( AP on the photo)
A4 format, Premium Fine Art Smooth paper
310 gsm, 0.42 mm

Limited edition of 30 prints ( AP on the photo)
29 x 31 cm
Premium Fine Art Smooth paper
310 gsm, 0.42 mm

Limited edition of 30 prints ( AP on the photo)
20.5 x 21.5 cm
Premium Fine Art Smooth paper
310 gsm, 0.42 mm

"Where is Batman"
Limited edition of 50 prints ( AP on the photo)
A3 format, Premium Fine Art Rough paper
310 gsm, 0.42 mm

"Where is Batman"
Limited edition of 70 prints ( AP on the photo)
A4 format, Premium Fine Art Rough paper
310 gsm, 0.42 mm


Friday 16 September 2022

Seoul impressions

I finally managed to finish the video from my trip to Seoul, South Korea.
This is the tenth year that I've been traveling and painting around the globe, and for the first time in a while, I had the opportunity to stay longer and be a tourist :D.
It makes me really happy to share this beautiful experience in the five minutes vlog, and I hope you will enjoy watching as much as I did while editing and filming :)

Monday 5 September 2022



                                                            Almost there, not quite, but yeah.

                                              Finally painting something big in my hometown  

                                                               (only brushes and rollers)

                                           OKOLO // around   UpRent najam radnih platformi

I'm still late with posting some projects from last month, so next week I'll start with those before sharing the process video of this one.

Wednesday 29 June 2022

Fine art prints

In 2020, around this time, it was my blog's tenth anniversary. It's a platform where I posted for the longest. I planned to make several fine art print editions with some of my dearests works for that occasion, but then shit happened. Finally, owning a suitable machine to produce all the prints in my studio, that plan is being realized. Once the paper arrives, I will share the first prints available for order.

(prints of murals, paintings, and drawings).
If you already have some of your favorites that you want to own as a signed print, feel free to contact me :)

Friday 24 June 2022

Urban Break-


I am working on a painting for a group show in Seoul, South Korea.

There are some crazy names on the list of artists for this event, so I will post more details soon...really excited about this show.

The composition/concept for the painting is the one from last year, but since I wasn't so happy with the result the first time, I felt some changes should be made. I plan to do more of this type of work which is a bit more personal than some previous ones and also leans on a moodier side.

one more thing:

Finally, my studio now has a brand new professional printer for art prints, so in a month or so, signed prints will be available for purchase. 

If you already have some of the favorites ( murals, drawings, paintings) that you would like to own as a signed print, feel free to write me.

Tuesday 26 October 2021


Mural painted at @xstaticfestival in Split, Croatia. Big thank you to the city of Split and to @senkzzzone for having me and for trusting me with such a big wall.

photos by Petra Milovac and Lonac

Tuesday 28 September 2021


In a day or two, I will write a few words about this work. 
Just need to rest and prepare for a wall twice the size of this one :D
Until then, enjoy my new process video

Thursday 29 July 2021

Inside the studio


Here is a short new video from inside the studio. I've been editing this one on my iPad pro and had a blast doing it. 
This video might be my favorite so far, and editing on my tablet made it much easier for some reason. Some crazy good apps out there, I must say :)

Friday 2 April 2021

Instagram account



It took about a week or so to get in contact with the FB crew to save my hacked Instagram account. Thnx to Ben Slow, a fellow artist from the UK who also had the same situation that happened to him last year. Luckily, I was helped by a girl that also saved his account. 

The original account is back, and the new one I opened almost two weeks ago will be renamed and used to promote fellow artists. 

           whenever shit happens, crack a joke

Tuesday 23 March 2021


Hi there.

Now and then, I check the blog statistics and get surprised by how many of you still come to this blog, so the reason for writing this post is to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for showing interest in my work; I promise I'll be back soon.

This part is edited, but unfortunately, I must inform you that my Facebook and Instagram were hacked. I managed to save the Facebook page, but for now, it seems that the Instagram account is fucked....oh well...



Monday 28 December 2020

Procreate drawings


I started drawing and painting digitally, mainly in Procreate. This is a fantastic "workout," and lately, I've been doing it every day. I will post some more studies in a week or so.

Saturday 5 December 2020

"Kulturno Uzdizanje"/ "Cultural Upliftment"

I was invited to the city of Zadar to paint a mural on this abandoned building connected to another old, devastated, and much bigger building. That bigger one is currently in the process of renovation, and hopefully, next year will be completed and turned into a cultural center for youth. Parallel to the painted wall, you can find an indoor skatepark-Menza, a part of a squat named Neverland. I decided to use the name of the squat as an inspiration or the central theme and connect that with the current events (regarding cultural centers and culture in general) in Croatia. In my hometown of Zagreb, there is less and less of this type of places, and many more abandoned buildings are wasted away. In the past few years, especially in this one, Zagreb lost some of the most popular and historical places where many of our music icons started to grow. Maybe I'm trying to say "Kudos to Zadar" for building something more valuable than fountains or some overpriced gondola lifts.

As I was painting this mural, I had some people asking me why I painted people like they were hanged or high on drugs. I hope that with the text above, I explained the idea behind the mural. Thinking about some of those comments and interpretations, I guess it's safe to conclude that without culture, your youth might end up the way some folks saw it: wasted.