Monday, 30 September 2013

p_3 exhibition_2 (3/3)

To initiate the formation and display of art works outside gallery spaces and to reanimate blight spaces are the main components of the concept behind p_3.
Artists intervene with their work within a given space, without its previous reconstruction in the sense of embellishment and renovation, where the architecture of the space suggests the form of the art works.
The artists are connected by the concept of the display but not by the sensibility of their own expression, which results with the same starting point and a different structure of the art work.
Each artist interprets the space on one’s own way, and trough suggestion provokes certain conditions and diverts attention to observable contents related to personal sensibility.
The esthetic of the walls, floors, ceilings and the ‘inherited’ materials of the space are transformed to a certain gallery dimension, which with its contents provokes the reinterpretation, creation and existence of art works.
Getting into direct contact with the material of space, interpreting it through the art work, emphasizes the development of a homogenous tissue between the space and the works which results in their interdependence. 

                                                                 "Contradiction of peace"

                                                             "Stupid fight over a stupid fish"