Thursday, 2 July 2020

"Polupani Lončići"

Mural painted at Lauba, Zagreb, 2020.

“Polupani Lončići” In Croatian, that would mean something like smashed or broken pots. This phrase would be used in our childhood game known as hide and seek. During the game, if you saw someone snitching, not counting correctly, calling out the wrong name, pretending to have not been seen and called out, simply cheating, or in other words, not playing by the rules, you or some of your playmates would have to yell "POLUPANI LONČIĆI"

The phrase would symbolize the end of the unfair or crooked game. It would also mean a reset, a new start for a fair and just game.

I also started filming and editing my own painting process, so here is my first ever "serious" video.
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